Tuesday, 2 July 2013

DIY: Lilac and white dress

Wow that was a long hiatus.

But AT LAST I got through third year (and yes I'm still alive and kicking), I received my results yesterday which made me quite jubilant :)) ANYWAY, this means I can get back to blogging since those days spent at university looking like a troll are over.

One of the things I got to after finishing University was DIY, or rather sewing. I've been seeing some striped dresses on tumblr and pinterest for quite a while now, but never actually found something to purchase which was within my budget. One fine day my mother surprised me with a hefty piece of lilac and white fabric claiming she got it for just 2eu. The dresses I had been eyeing were sort of loose-ish at the waist -  I have absolutely no idea what they're called because I suck at terminology and all that. This dress was actually quite special because I literally sewed it from beginning to end - apart from the really tricky pieces (in that case, my mother took over the sewing process). I paired this dress with a small brown bag and brown brogues and my faithful gold statement necklace. I received a number of compliments which honestly made my night  :)

here's me looking totes cool with a drink in my hand!

So practically this dress cost me 2eu and an afternoon of sweat and work to make. Pretty much worth it aye?




  1. really gorgeous piece you got - or rather - made yourself there! kudos!

    x mar.s.

  2. Love it :) And it's just perfect for you... Well done!