Sunday, 7 July 2013

DIY: Button up dress alteration

 A couple of days (or weeks?) ago I bought this HUGE button up dress from a charity shop. The dress was still new (with its label still stuck to it) but it did require some alterations since it was too big for me. I finally found some time to do some sewing alterations, and with the help of my very patient mother, I managed to fix this dress.

I TRIED to take some photos with my camera, but it really wouldn't cooperate and these are the only half-decent photos I managed to take. I hope they're enough to give you a rough idea of the dress...however I'll be featuring it in some OOTD soon :) 

I got frustrated with the outcome of the photos so I decided to take some horrible selfies instead. 
Well, better luck next time. Better luck next time.



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