Monday, 25 March 2013

30 things before 30

So practically I've been living the life of a zombie for the past three weeks because I'm trying to finish off my dissertation. However I came across this post on Think.Love.Makeup and since I'm going through a huge crisis regarding my future, I thought this would be a great way of reminding myself that "there are far, far better things ahead than we leave behind". Nine more years to complete these 30 things before 30:

1. Move abroad
2. Get published
3. Own a coffee-shop 
4. Be fluent in French
5. Go to New York
6. Get involved in some sort of voluntary work 
7. Learn how to ride a bloody bike. Seriously I'm 21 and I cannot ride a bike.
8. Study abroad
9. Get a Master's degree
10. Get inked
11. Sky dive
12. Get physically fit
13. Tour Italy in a red, vintage Fiat 500
14. I want to have a job I love 
15. Travel alone
16. Watch the Big Ben strike 12 on New Year's Eve
17. Watch the ball drop in New York
18. Hug a panda
19. Diving 
20. Go technology-free for a month
21. Learn to play the piano
22. Sing in front of an audience
23. Go on an adventure in an unknown country
24. Go on a Caribbean cruise
25. Live in a cottage in the mountains
26. Sew my own clothes
27. Give my parents a well-deserved holiday (Being Christa's parents is quite tough)
28. Cry in front of the Eiffel Tower with my sister
29. Get something from Tiffany's
30. Make a difference (I'm aware of how cliche this may be)




  1. Good luck with your list! It seem's quite impressive there are def some things I didn't think of which I would now love to do... :-)

    Steph xXx

    1. thanks :) good luck with yours as well!!


  2. Loving this list! We need to make ourselves a list like this. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration! Xo, M&K at