Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vintage treasure box

My sister always insists that one needs two kinds of nights after they finish their exams - the one where you get wild, and the one where you wear your pyjamas and hide. Since I've had my fair share of wild nights, my friend Michela invited me over for some catching up over Nutella fondue and cookies.

THE luggage!
However the highlight of this night wasn't the Nutella fondue. Nor the cookies. The highlight was THIS LUGGAGE. Michela told me that this luggage belonged to one of her late relatives and that is was supposedly full of clothes. Curiosity killed the cat - or in this case, bruised my hands beyond repair. We couldn't find the keys to open it, so to cut a long story short we somehow managed to get the clothes out of this luggage without opening it. (P.S. googling 'How to open an old luggage without keys' isn't really helpful). 

Blouses underneath sweaters
are the best. Seriously. 

If there's one thing I love about vintage clothing is that each item is really unique. You don't run the risk of going out and finding someone wearing the same thing as you are. Michela was such a sweetheart to give me some of the jumpers we found. Some of the clothes needed some touching up, such as a gorgeous electric blue sweater (which will soon feature in one of my OOTDs, that's for sure). Lint shavers are the best! My favourite is definitely this mint jumper which I decided to wear this morning on top of this New Look sheer blouse. 

AND all convinced me that I really need a vintage suitcase in my life - in my opinion they make perfect storage boxes.


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