Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Reasons why I'm putting myself on a shopping ban

During the last couple of weeks, I've been telling myself I need to STOP shopping. The problem is, I obviously couldn't keep my word and I ended up buying way too many clothes, and yet waking up every morning to 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!'. So I decided to put myself on a shopping ban. I've been reading a couple of blogs and realized quite a couple of bloggers go on a shopping ban, some for a month, some for even a whole year. So I decided to contemplate about this and I finally came up with a couple of reasons why I should REALLY go on a shopping ban for at least a month, starting today:

1. Because I'm flat broke 

No SERIOUSLY. Being a student with no part-time job and a shopping addiction is one of the deadliest of combinations. Anyone with the same problem can probably relate to being in a shop and having to choose between buying those pair of shoes and spending that money on alcohol or food and choosing the former. I've been there, way too many times.

2. Because I need to save up 

I think I finally arrived to the point where I'm starting to choose memories over materialism... HOORAY. So I really need to quit buying things I don't need and start saving up for other things, obviously that includes more travelling.



4. Because it's an incentive to finally take up sewing properly 

I've vowed to myself that anything I wear must either be something I already have or something I've made myself. One hour of sewing a day will hopefully keep shopping and stress at bay.

5. Because it's an excellent motivation to lose weight


Festive season
Exam period
Final year at University (Including Thesis and Finals)


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until mixture is dense and fatty. Very very dense and very very fatty.

 No SERIOUSLY. In my case, stress (and celebrations) make me gain quite a lot of weight - so knowing none of my clothes fit as good as they should, and knowing I can't buy new ones should ultimately result in losing weight. Well, I should hope so.

Have you ever been on a shopping ban yourself? Are there any tips to keep it up?


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