Sunday, 29 September 2013

Good Riddance!

Autumn is my favourite season.  First of all, it marks the end of my least favourite season, that is summer. Secondly, I like waking up and reaching for my sweater because it's kind of too cold to get out of bed. I like how fresh the air smells straight after it rains. I love the day you realise it's finally sweater weather. I like cozy evenings spent sipping tea whilst talking to my mother. I like how chilly it gets at night. And as much as I hate to admit it, I always look forward to returning to school.

For the majority, spring is the season which is usually associated with new beginnings. However, for me it's usually autumn. Even if we're reluctant to admit it, school plays a very important role in the way we shape our daily routines - I'm usually thinking of which lectures I can miss when I'm scheduling an appointment of a coffee date. This autumn in particular marks a very important beginning academically - my Masters. I honestly NEVER thought this would happen. In fact I never thought I'd survive my undergraduate final year at all. Since it's something completely new, and unrelated to what I was studying for my undergrad, I'm totes excited yay!

Anyhow, I'm also bidding farewell to Summer 2013, finally. We all have this vision of that one life-changing summer. We all dream that we'll one day look back at that particular summer and realise our lives changed completely during those few weeks. We've seen it happen on TV and we couldn't wait for it to happen in reality.

I've spent this past year dreaming of this summer - literally dreaming. I never thought I'd manage to get through the past scholastic year and actually find myself in what I thought would be the summer of my life. The 12th of June felt very surreal. I finished my exams and I was now free. Even though I still had to sit for an exam in September, I felt free. However I felt that there was so much more to life than basking in the sun and getting drunk every weekend. It felt weird, and I hated it. I wanted to leave more than ever. July was the busiest July I've ever had. I worked a lot throughout July - so much that I never had time to think. Work was tiring, but I enjoyed it. I met a lot of people from all around Europe - which drove my claustrophobia insane. July also showed me that hard work does eventually pay off. The countless nights spent working on my thesis had magically turned themselves into a very surprising A.

The rest of summer plays itself like one of those dramatic flashbacks we're used to seeing on TV in my mind. I can't say I didn't have my fair share of change this summer. Maybe I've had too much actually. However it's safe to say that this has been, in its own way, my life-changing summer. I didn't find the love of my life, move to New York. I didn't take that trip to Asia to find myself. I can actually count the number of times I went out this summer. But even though what I've lost outweighs what I've gained, at least I gained something.

So whilst the majority of you are blue about leaving summer behind, I'm ecstatic. Good riddance to you, summer 2013.


Friday, 27 September 2013

Bursting at the seams

We all gain weight. Whether we like it or not, we've all gained weight sometime throughout our lives. Whether it's because we were growing up, or whether it's because we've eaten way too many pizzas, we've all gained weight. We're all familiar with the uneasy feeling of having clothes that fit us too small- even if it's just by a couple of millimetres. Sometimes, however, clothes start fitting way too small - the seams are about to burst open.  Sometimes you can barely breathe. Sometimes buttons undo themselves revealing a part of you you never wanted to show.

You realise you need to face reality - Sometimes you need to buy a larger size.

Sometimes life fits too small, the seams are about to burst open. Then you realise, you need a greater life.


Monday, 23 September 2013

I met a stranger for 20 minutes, and he changed my life.

It's safe to say I spent the majority of the past year sipping coffee at the airport. I honestly believe I'm their most loyal and regular customer. I used to enjoy getting a bus to the airport, in the rain, carrying God knows how many books, ordering the usual and sitting down at the same table overlooking the same view. I'd then open my netbook, my books, and start writing my thesis. This was practically me every weekend.

One very rainy day in November, I decided I needed some change. So after realising I wasn't getting anything done at the airport, I caught the first bus that appeared. Luckily for me and my poor sense of direction, the bus went directly to St.Julians. I entered Mc Cafe. I ordered the usual. I sat down and started working. As usual.

I don't know how much time had passed but after a while, an elderly man sat down next to me. I could see him staring at me, expecting me to talk to him. I looked at him and smiled, and I suddenly realise he was profoundly hearing and verbally impaired. He gestured at his iPad and asked me to fix something that was wrong with it. As soon as I did his eyes lit up, and I honestly can say that that was one of the sweetest sights I've ever witnessed. He gently brought out a small notepad and started jotting something down on it. He handed me the notepad. He wrote about how beautiful Malta was - that its marinas could compare to those in France. I had never took any notice of any of the marinas here in Malta. I'm usually too busy looking at my iPod, at my mobile or at my book to do so. He showed me an email he was writing to his daughters, in which he told them he wished they were here with him, and that Malta was one of the most beautiful countries he had ever visited. He said he missed them. He said he was enjoying his stay in Malta so much. He asked me to proof-read his email, but I guess I was too busy holding back my tears to do so.

He smiled at me and waved goodbye. However before leaving he looked at me in the eyes and brought his notepad out again. He wrote down something quickly - "Don't stress out too much". He handed me his notepad and pen, and all I could write was "I'll try". I made a promise to someone I didn't know, coming from God knows where, and I intend to keep it. This man made a difference in my life. I met someone randomly, for just 20 minutes, and it changed my outlook on life. I realised we're too busy. Too damn busy to realise life is passing us by. Too damn busy to realise we're surrounded by so many beautiful things. Too busy to socialise, to meet someone new.

I packed my things and caught a bus back home. I looked at the marina. I don't know how those in France look, but this one wasn't as half bad as I had thought.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Why I need transparent lace-up boots.

I never believed in first sight until I encountered these boots. I was happily scrolling through Tumblr, until something changed my life. A photo of these boots. Now I'm obsessed.

Today is the day of Summer 2013, so I'm obviously thinking of all my lovely autumn and winter clothes - even though there's still a long time until I can wear them here in Malta. 
I love waking up to the sound of rain, until I realise that I need to get out of the house in what looks like the result of God's mighty wrath. My choice of shoes plays a crucial role on whether I'll be having a bad day or not. We all know how horrible wet socks feel. We've all been there. It sucks. Which is why I need these boots! I can practically wear them with any colour because they're well, transparent. Apart from that their rubber material makes them ideal rain shoes. 

I'm trying to convince myself I need these shoes by going on Polyvore and creating a multitude of possible outfits which include them. Here are my top three:

Raindrops keep falling on my head #2
This combination is perfect for a day of shopping in winter. It's comfortable and effortless. 
Raindrops keep falling on my head #3
A french-inspired outfit. I can totally see myself sipping coffee somewhere in this outfit. 

Raindrops keep falling on my head
The only thing I had in mind whilst creating this outfit was "Those long 8am-6pm days at uni". 

The only problem is that I haven't seen any in any store here in Malta. Even though I'm quite fond of online shopping, I'm not sure I'd like to order a pair online - my feet seem to shrink and expand on a daily basis.

What's your opinion regarding these shoes? Am I the only one thinking I can't go through this year without a pair?


Thursday, 19 September 2013

OOTD: colour me fun!

Well today marks an important day. As I mentioned in a post earlier this month, I had to sit for a crucial exam this September. Today I received my result, which was a great one indeed! This means I'm graduating next December YAY! Bring it on!

I spent the day celebrating my success by watching the Great Gatsby for the millionth time, treating myself to a gorgeous New Look shirt, and assisting my friend Francesca on her pursuit of finding a birthday outfit. I'm so glad the weather is less hot and humid lately. I seriously can't wait for winter. Anyway, this is what I wore today:

Hat: Top Shop
Top: Market
Satchel: Vintage
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Peacocks

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

DIY: Am I Amelie yet?

As you might have noticed, one of my favourite places to hang out in Malta is Mdina. Apparently, I have this thing for narrow streets and walled cities. Anyway, yesterday I met my friend Kelly for some catching up over cappuccino and cake. I was really looking forward to wear my new dress, which took me QUITE a long time to make (I also needed mummy Boffa's intervention, whoops).
I also got a new haircut yesterday - actually I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been, especially at the back. My friend Kelly Dent was patient enough to snap a couple of amazing photos yesterday. I'm also sporting my new Nyx Lip Pencil - which is seriously one of the best purchases I've made this month. 




Monday, 16 September 2013

DIY: Bow ties!

My first attempt at sewing was a black and white striped bow tie. I'd been looking for one for quite a long time and never got down to actually buying one. Since I needed to test out my new sewing machine, I had to start off by something small and not too complicated. Anyway, after a few selfies on Instagram my friend asked me to sew some bow ties for him. Here are a couple of shots:

Ready for packaging


The materials chosen were lovely so I must admit choosing my favourite one was really difficult! I think my personal favourite is the plaid one - I'm currently lusting after plaid-y stuff. Which one do you like best?

Also, if you'd like to order any bow ties yourselves, don't hesitate to contact me either via my like page or by email!